24 April 2014


This coming official sketchwalk, we will be having it at Books Kinokuniya's main store at Ngee Ann City Takashimaya Shopping Centre on 26th April, 10AM -1PM (please take note of the timing).This is a rare opportunity to draw the interior of one of our favourite bookstores before they move out of their present premises to a smaller one end of this year. Thanks to the management of Books Kinokuniya for giving us access to the store this Saturday. Yay! Aircon!

MEETING POINT: Once the store opens at 10AM, we will meet in the middle of the store (called "crossroads".) There, we will hand out tags that all sketchers have to wear so that we can be identified by customers and the staff. We will have a quick briefing and then spread throughout the store to draw. Do come a little earlier so that we won't have to wait for everyone and cause a jam in the store.

END POINT: At 1PM sharp we will meet outdoors at the walkway between Takashimaya and Wisma Atria. There, we will have our "show and tell" and then be dismissed to have our lunch.

For this event, no sign up is necessary, even if it is your first time. Just show up on time and you can join us. 

1. As this is a store and not a public space, please be extra mindful not to obstruct any walkways or any customers who are browsing books. Bookstore customers can be very particular about such things, so let's avoid any complaints. Let's allow the store to operate smoothly while we are there.

2. You are allowed to bring your small stools to sit on so long as it does not get in the way of customers. I don't recommend big easels or big pieces of paper spread out on the floor to paint.

3. Bring art materials that will allow you to draw without mess. As books are made of paper, we want to avoid any ink or paint splatters on them.

4. You will be given a tag to wear. Please wear it prominently. It is more for the customers to see that you are on official business and not just a random street sketcher.

5. Do not clump together in a group when in the store. It's a big store, so spread out so that we do not block any walking spaces in the store. Main rule is to keep the customers at the store happy:) With that, it should be an enjoyable sketchwalk for all.

6. Avoid crowding outside of the store. The Ngee Ann City security guards will probably chase you away. So when drawing outside the store, do it discreetly. Don't draw attention to yourselves.

If you can't make it for this one, we will be organising another on in early August to coincide with Kinokuniya's anniversary.


The management of Books Kinokuniya is eager to use the photos or scans of your drawing in their websites (artist will be credited). We will collect them from your posts on the Urbansketchers Singapore Facebook page. If you do not want your drawings to be promoted on their websites, please do state in your posts.


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23 April 2014

We Love Katong sketchbook is out

We Love Katong is out featuring the art of Urban Sketchers Singapore. Distributed by APD Singapore and available at all major bookstores in Singapore and other Asian countries.

96 pages. Paperback. Handbook size.

12 April 2014

Side of SAM

This afternoon, I was drawing by the side of the Singapore Art Museum.

What attracted me was basically the silhouette of the sky made by the building. By the way, the sky wasn't that dark, although it was cloudy and going to rain. The shadow was added from imagination to give the sketch a bit more depth.

I'm trying out the Waterford watercolour paper for the first time and I really like it. The cold press surface absorbs water well, and brings out the texture of watercolour beautifully. The paper is a bit off-white which I'm still getting used to.

Sharpie Extra Fine, Waterford watercolour paper, Schminke watercolour pan

Sketching George Town II registration now open

The first international sketchwalk at George Town, Penang in 2012 was a real blast!

The sketchwalk is back again the registration is now open. There will be public sketchwalks, sharing sessions, and food!

And it's free!

Check out the Facebook event page for more details:

The event can only accept 120 participants, so register fast.

If you're wondering what it's going to be like, check out this video below from the previous event.

07 April 2014

Jurong Sketchwalk (6 April 2014)

Here's the video of the last sketchwalk (part 3 of 3) from the Journey to the West series organised by NAC and NLB.

We went to NTU's Chinese Heritage Centre and Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle with the public for some sketching and history.

We hope you had fun. Join us for our monthly sketchwalk on the last Saturday.

03 April 2014

Two from Amoy St (27 Mar 2014)

This was quite a small sketch. About A5 size.

This was the first sketch I did that day. I didn't manage to capture the colour shadow cast from the umbrellas and flap well as you can see from the photo below. Should probably have left it in black and white.

Anyway, I posted this two on my Google+ page and more people like the one at the top which is no surprise.

All are drawn with Sharpie Extra Fine and Schmincke watercolours.

01 April 2014

Jurong Sketchwalk (30 March 2014)

This is the second of three sketchwalk from the Journey to the West series organised by NAC and NLB. We went to the former JTC Building (now called the iHub), Pandan Reservoir and Teban Gardens with the public for some sketching and history.

25 March 2014

March Sketchwalk: The Green Corridor

This coming saturday, we will be walking through The Green Corridor. Alight at Commonwealth MRT Station and walk to the nearby Sheng Siong supermarket at 4PM SHARP. We will meet outside Sheng Siong, where the ATM cash machines are. Do not be late because we won't have time to wait and you might get lost. Visit the restroom before it begins. At 4:10PM we will walk to the entrance of the Green Corridor then turn left, following the direction in the map.

It might have rained in the morning, so it might be a little muddy. Bring track shoes and portable stools/something to sit on (or you will need to stand. No where to sit). Also bring mosquito repellant if mosquitoes are attracted to you.

Pace yourselves as this is a bit of a walk. But you will need to walk to fully enjoy this stretch of greenery. The scene changes as you walk so don't get stuck in one place for too long. By 5:30pm you should have passed the mid-point (a big highway bridge with an indian temple below it). There is only one straight path to take so you won't get lost. There are many exits if you want to venture out a little to explore and draw. But keep moving along the green corridor.

By 7PM SHARP meet at the end point (Jln Kilang Barat). Look out for the small dirt path exit. Be on time as it will get dark. The photo of the end point is below. We will have "show and tell" near the end point. From there, we can walk toward the main road. A few places to eat around there - Ikea, ABC brickworks food centre, De Burg hamburger place, as well as Bukit Merah Central (blk 120) food centre.

Do remember that this is a special sketchwalk timing so we can avoid the hot sun.
This saturday, sketchwalk is btw 4-7PM.

If you get lost, please call Andrew at 91070735. (But only if absolutely necessary, as I will be busy drawing too. Thank you for understanding.)

BACK UP PLAN: If somehow, it thunderstorms that afternoon, we will stay around Tanglin Halt area (around Commonwealth MRT Stn) from start to finish. It's a nice place to draw with lots of shelter. Bring an umbrella just in case.

There are no fees nor attendance taken. And all drawing skill levels are welcome. This sketchwalk (like all sketchwalks) are open to everyone. Anyone can join. All you have to do is show up on time.


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23 March 2014

Jurong Sketchwalk (22 March 2014)

Here's the video of the first sketchwalk for Journey to the West organised by NAC and NLB.

14 March 2014

Cheng Yan Place, 27 Feb 2014

This is Cheng Yan Place in Bugis area of Singapore.

Singapore is still having very windy days and it's quite challenging to draw with the paper flapping around. I only had one clip.

It's a watercolour and ink sketch using WN watercolours. 9 by 12 inch.