18 December 2014

Panorama Sketch of Emerald Hill

This sketch was done on location at Emerald Hill, Singapore on 24th and 28th Sept 2013.
I took 2 morning ( 4 hours each ) to complete this panorama sketch.
Materials used - 1 Moleskine Japanese Album 9X14cm , 2 Lamy Safari pens with F & B nibs,
Noodler's Polar Brown Ink.
The sketch is 270cm X 14cm

17 December 2014

Sketches from Malacca trip 2014

Below are the sketches I drew while in Malacca, Malaysia.

It wasn't easy as the weather was quite hot. Best time to draw is always in the morning or evening. Not just because it's more cooling, but you also get to see shadows being cast from the sides than from the top.

My first piece was a disaster in terms of colour choice. Too much colours were used. As Walt Stanchfield said, "We all have 10000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better."

I brought along a Sennelier 12-half pan palette watercolour box set. It's a set I bought for review but don't use often. I still need more time to get used to the colours and mixing.

In the background is the famous Chris Church in Malacca that was built in 1753. Just for some comparison, Singapore was founded only in 1819. I always enjoyed looking at architecture and visiting places older than Singapore. I find it fascinating to read about stories from the time before there was even Singapore.

I probably drew this pen and ink sketch under an hour. The thick outlines were added with a 0.8 Copic multiliner at home to make the form of the buildings stand out more.

This is another sketch of the Christ Church. After completing the black and white sketch of it, I knew I had to go back and draw another piece with colours added. This place is iconic because most of the buildings around are painted red.

I stood on the balcony by the side of this building called The History and Ethnography Museum (Muzium Sejarah Dan Ethnografi) located at the Stadthuys at the junction of Jalan Kota and Jalan Gereja. It's a good place to take photos too with the church in the background.

This sketch was drawn in the evening so the sun has moved over to the front.

The white cross on the church was added in Photoshop. I forgot all about it and painted the whole building red and only realised it back at home.

This is a big plane model at the park beside Jalan Taman. I was trying out different ways to draw leaves. If you noticed from the earlier black and white sketch, I used hatching for the leaves. Here, it looks like smoke. LOL.

This is the front of The History and Ethnography Museum. Again, I drew in the thicker outlines to make the important forms more prominent.

I like drawing the old shop houses along the streets in Malacca. There are so many of them and have so much character.

This is the junction at Jonker Street leading to Jalan Hang Jebat. The scene is quite messy for drawing. On the right side is the long queue of people standing under the hot sun waiting for their turn to eat the famous chicken rice ball. On the left is a replica of some sail ship.

This is St Paul's Church, or more accurately the ruins of St Paul's Church. The roof's gone. The church was built in 1521. There are these huge tombstones laid against the sides of the walls. On the right corner is a stall selling souvenirs. Inside the sheltered area on the right, there's a vendor who told me he knew my friend Marvin Chew. What a small world.

There are several Portuguese ruins in Malacca and the Porta de Santiago is one of them that's part of a fortress called A Famosa, "The Famous". This is the surviving gate for the fort. On the top right of the sketch, you can see St Paul's Church.

Most of the features and design on the front of the gate have already been worn out by the weather. It's interesting to see the odd shaped bricks that were used to build the gate. These bricks had many small holes in them.

Here's the video of the sketchwalk:

03 December 2014

Black & White Sketches

Chinese Gardens, Singapore

Chinese Gardens, Singapore

Breakfast Sketch #1

Breakfast Sketch #2

Canvas Shop

People Association Head Quarters , Singapore

Tyrwhitt Road #1, Singapore

Tyrwhitt Road #2, Singapore

02 December 2014

My only sketch from the recent sketchwalk at Chinese Garden.

There's so much more areas in the Chinese Garden to capture. I shall be back. =}

Sketchwalk Nov 2014 - Chinese Garden

We had quite a turnout (easily over 70) at our most recent Nov Sketchwalk at the Chinese Garden.

One thing we did not count on when planning this month's sketchwalk was for the most prominent pagoda in the garden to be "Christmas wrapped", i.e. under construction; they had not put that information anywhere for the public's knowledge. However, that little glitch hardly dampened our spirits as there were many other sketch-worthy monuments, sculptures, and other pagodas, and a stone boat area for us to capture.

It turned out to be a fun and fruitful outing. =]

30 November 2014

Sketching at Chinese Garden

Video for those who didn't manage to journey to the west with us to Chinese Garden.

Sketchwalk at Chinese Garden

27 November 2014

November sketchwalk

For this month's sketchwalk, we will be sketching inside Chinese Gardens. Entrance is free.

Alight at Chinese Gardens MRT Station but don't wait there. Walk into the gardens. 
At 9AM, we will meet at the first high-rise Pagoda you see when you enter. (see map).
We will have a short briefing and then you are free to explore and sketch Chinese Gardens.
At 12PM sharp, please be back at the same high-rise Pagoda (I believe it is the one in the poster) where we will view everyone's drawings, and take photos etc.

If it rains, well, we will be hiding inside the Pagoda till it stops!

Lucky draw

Join the lucky draw by clicking the picture below sponsored by Parkablogs.com

19 November 2014

2015 Symposium Dates Announced!

Urban Sketchers: 2015 Symposium Dates Announced!
By the Symposium Team

Singapore to host 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium
Mark your calendars for July 22-25, 2015

Earlier this month we announced that the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium will take place in Singapore. Now you can mark your calendars for July 22 - 25, 2015!

The Symposium team, consisting of the Local Organizers from Urban Sketchers Singapore (Tia Boon Sim, Paul Wang, and Patrick NG) and the International Symposium Committee (Elizabeth Alley, Jason Das, Orling Dominguez, Fernanda Vaz de Campos) have started planning the event, which will be co-hosted by Temasek Polytechnic.

To receive updates about the 2015 Symposium and to be notified when registration opens, subscribe to the 2015 Symposium Mailing List.

17 November 2014

Result of September Sketchwalk


I just scanned some sketches. I did two sketches at Circular Road sketchwalk, this one was done inside the car, in air conditioning comfort, it was too hot and humid these day. Average of 33 deg C.

09 November 2014

Sketches from 9 Nov 2014 around the Esplanade

Here are some sketches drawn today.

This was on the train. The red ink is Iroshizuku but I can't remember which colour because they have too many colours with Japanese names. The colours is nice, but using it alone is a bit glaring.

This was at City Hall MRT station. Drawing walking people is just too difficult.

I was at City Hall on my way to Esplanade to enjoy a free concert performed by the Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra. They are quite good. This was drawn inside the concert hall.

It wasn't ticketed and a long queue was formed outside the concert hall about 45 minutes before the starting time. The good thing was the queue moved quickly and the performance started close to the stated time. Check out the Esplanade website for more of such free events. I always though the free stuff happen at the concourse area.

This was dinner at the hawker centre just outside and beside the Esplanade, towards the Marina floating platform. Food prices are quite alright.